7 H.TARGET- 0.00 Apocalypse CD on Sevared Rec.

$ 10.00

A sign event in russian brutal underground - Mirus (ex-Katalepsy) is in business again since he was in vacation since 2011. He joins 7 H.Target. Together they had recorded the new album '0.00 Apocalypse'. It has the strength of 500 Hiroshima nuclear bombs and all the living will be exterminated. So all the undead will be smashed by the hands of Toshi Egawa and Mark Cooper who made arts for the album. Mirus left the special comment about all this: "When I heard the new 7 H.Target's tracks I realized that these are really adult works, the next step in creative progress of the band. Rather mad and rather brutal songs easily laying down on an ear - that's what I like! The guys offered me to do vocals and to be a co-producer of the album and it is a pleasure for me to accept this offer." '0.00 Apocalypse' will be released in 2013 through Sevared Records.

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