Carnal Dissection- Complete Discography CD on CDN Rec.

$ 12.00

From the bowels of Buffalo, Carnal Dissection bring us their complete discography. Two demos and two unreleased tracks. Old school Buffalo brutal is back on CD!!!

Track List

Demo 1992:
1. Splattered Guts
2. Dripping With a Stench of Decay
3. Choke on a Rotting Carcass
4. Puss Drenched

5. Intro / Gore
6. Dissected Flesh
7. Immoral Suffering
8. Bathe In Vomit
9. Passive Butchery

1993 Unreleased – DISEMBOWELED:
10. Bathe In Vomit
11. The Art of Butchery

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