Ophiocordyceps- Delusional Infestation Of Mutated Pathogens CD on Ghastly Music

$ 13.00

Delusional Infestation of Mutagen Pathogens is the 2nd album of the Brutal Slam Death Metal band from Italy.  This album is much more agressive than it's predecessor, trying to add a vein even more "Organic" and evil.  Ambient background sounds and instrumental tracks make you feel an auro of deep space.  Theme that we also find in the texts along with several imaginary parasitosis.  The voice is a combination of Pigsqueals, Gurglings and growls that will mek you appreciate the different riffs made of breakdowns, non-regular verses, oppressive slam and east brutal.  All played in exxtremely low tones.  Recommended fro fans of Brutal slam, and also for people whoe like death metal and mad vocals!

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