Putrefied Cadaver- Wretched Times CD on Amputated Vein

$ 13.00

warning!!  Listening to the disgusting album "Wretched Times" may cause a negative reaction towards the perception of human existence.  We stongly advise you to excercise caution and get rid of everything that could b eused as a weapon to cause injuries, homicide or suicide.  The picture that "Wretched Times" paints represents a crucified dictatorship with it's history of mankind eradication, which has beeen kept secret.  The church sysetem greedily manipulates the minds of miserable people.  The Global ecclesiastic scam is soaring.  PUtreied Cadaver strikes it's binal blow against the Infected brain of society, rotting out the sources of omnipresent chaos, laying them bare for the world to see.  Remember!  The weight of your existence is petty and alway favorable to someelse.  Fairwell.  Brutal Fucking Death Metal from Russia

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