Ripping Flesh- Conqueror Of Cosmos CD on Coyote Rec.

$ 12.00

RIPPING FLESH Conqueror Of Cosmos CD Col COY 214-20 Second CD Colombian Brutal Death Massacre

1.INTRO - The Embrace Of Darkness view
2.Conqueror Of Cosmos view
3.Leviathan Rises view
4.Abolishing Mortality view
5.Apocalyptic Vortex (Ft David Jacome) view
6.Abolishing Mortality (Diego Guerrero On Vocals) view
released February 22, 2020

Brutal death metal band, was formed in Bogota (Colombia) in 2010 by the South Americans, Oscar Tovar , Andres Rodriguez, Camilo Duque, Jonathan Tovar and Alexander Leal. First demo Demonic incantation self produced in 2011, created a strong proposal on the capital referring to H.P Lovecraft Cosmic Horror tales, being this one of the main thematic influences, decides to give their sound a more brutal approach, creating this the new sound of the band playing (Brutal death) In 2013 they started to record their first album with 9 original compositions named Episodes of chaotic extinction, by Ripping Flesh pressed for the label Coyote records (Ru) in 2015. The originals members of the band Oscar, Andres and Camilo comes back to studio in 2017 to record 4 original tracks and 2 bonus crack, recessed in 2020 by the Name Conqueror of cosmos by Ripping Flesh pressed for Coyote records (Ru). This is a musical production created with much brutality and destruction. focused on fans of extreme music.

Brutal Death Metal from Colombia
For fans to: Suffocation, Disavowed, Pyaemia, Origin, Inveracity, Internal Suffering.

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