Shampoon Killer- Mankind Depravity CD on Bizarre Leprous Prod.

$ 11.00

Representatives of Czech extreme metal scene Shampoon Killer comes with new album Mankind Depravity! Album was recorded at the KSV studio at the end of last year. New record includes 9 brand new songs of honest death metal with a clear message and an erect index finger for today’s society. You can look forward to more than half an hour of uncompromising brutality of death metal with an overlap into other extreme styles with lots of thrash, grind and hardcore groove ideas with its own rabid-like flair. The band from the Prague put on the altar of death metal fresh and very eruptive material with high quality production, which will surely kill you.

Shampoon Killer is a Czech death metal band originally formed by members and ex – members of Brutally Deceased, Poppy Seed Grinder, Sarcom and Appaling Spawn in spring 2007. Original lineup of the band was Cifron and Žlababa – vocals, Gábin – drums and Nikola – guitar. In the rehearsal room begins to compose fresh and highly eruptive death metal with anti-discophilic lyrics. After several successful rehearsals, Nikola’s bandmate and bassist from Sarcom Vláďa joins the band. In 2009 comes to the position of second guitarist Géba, who is actively involved in composing new material. Unfrotunately his ideas of ​​working in the band wasn’t fulfilled and so he left the band at the end of 2010. A few months after his departure, the drummer from Sarcom – Martin joins the band as a second guitarist. In the summer of 2012 comes the sudden death of our drummer Gábin (R.I.P.) and Martin logically moves from the guitar behind the drums. During December 2012 comes guitarist Prewith from Psychotic Despair and the death metal commando is again complete. In this line-up, Shampoon Killer recorded debut “666: The Battle of Discopylae” in Davos Studios in fall of 2014, what was released on Hard Bones Production. In February 2015, another original member Nikola left the band and was replaced by IASP guitarist Myšák, who quickly learns material and closes the current Shampoon Killer lineup. After lineup stabilization begins four years of work on new material, which was recorded in autumn 2019 at KSV Studio in Prague and in April 2020 is released the second full album “Mankind Depravity” on Bizarre Leprous Production.

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