Squalid- Doctorate In Dismemberment CD on Terrible Mutilation Rec.

$ 11.00

demo, split and rehearsal compilation CD. Compiling everything released so far by these disgusting ‘n deranged goregrinders straight from the American Midwest’s Biggest Shithole – Detroit, MI – this CD is mandatory for all 2000s Euro gore and Mortician freaks!!!  Tracks 1-5 originally appearing on Demo 2017.
Tracks 6-8 originally appearing on split with Putrid Liquid.
Tracks 9-13 originally appearing on split with Botched Anastomosis J-Pouch.
Tracks 14-18 originally appearing on split with Nauseator.
Track 19 originally appearing on "Squalid Bowel Erosion" (as SBE).
Tracks 20-22: previously unreleased.

Edition of 300 copies

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