$ 26.00

Awesome new 2 sided T-SHIRT from the USA's Sickest Brutal Death Grind band! AWESOME SHIRT, 18+ SMALL and Sevared Records is very proud to announce that it will be releasing the brand new full length album from Brutal Death Metal masters, Waco Jesus!! Waco Jesus is bringing back their sadistic dark roots of Scum Grind terrorism with their fifth full length release "Mayhem Doctrine." It punishes with a brutal onslaught of pit driving riffs, wicked as fuck breaks, ferociously aggressive and hateful vocals that leave listeners emotionally sodomized. Misogyny once again dominates the visual and lyrical aspects of Waco Jesus' chaotic and relentlessly intense new masterpiece. Get it and have your thoughts pummeled into submission while your girlfriend, mother and grandmother are maniacally raped and crucified by a band without remorse.

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