Crematory- Denial DOUBLE 12" LP VINYL on Necroharmonic

$ 18.00

Crematory ” Denial ”  x2 LP record. Double Vinyl from the Swedish band. This collection contains the entire Discography of one of the most underground and under-rated Swedish Death Metal bands. They released not only some of the strongest demo releases in the old school death metal underground ” Wrath from the unknown ” and ” The Exordium “, but also classic MCD / LP ” Denial “.

Necroharmonic pressed a 1000 copy edition with hand numbering/gatefold/ inserts and flyers, but the editions sold out quickly. This 2 LP edition is for those who missed the initial pressing, any Swedish death metal underground metalhead wouldn’t want to miss this extreme and brutal release, which contains ” Denial ” Release, All the demo tapes, rehearsal demo as well as an unreleased rehearsal track exclusive to this release from 1990. New edition pressing comes in mixed random colors and single double-wide jacket edition with 2 LPs.  A MUST!!!

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