Anakrosis- Pepertual Nightmare CD on Coyote Rec.

$ 12.00

new album by Spanish techno brutal death metal hurricane ANAKROSIS called «Perpetual Nightmare»! This storm wind is for those of thrill-seekers, who likes such natural phenomenon like CEREBRAL EFFUSION, HOUR OF PENANCE, MASS INFECTION, ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY and so on. Ten-point earthquake will bury us 12/10/2019!
Basque Country band, formed in 2016, by members of the extinct band Dislexia (grindcore band created in the early 90s). In 2016 a CD with old songs of Dislexia is self-published; "Ez dut nahi zuen bakea". Concerts are given as a trio by Basque Country and Spain.
Actual components:
Voice: Pako
Guitar: Ritxi
Drums: Arra
Bass: Ibai
• In 2019, 10 new songs are recorded at zaunka studios and sent to mix and mastering to Demigod Recordings (Portugal). Achieving a powerful sound; brutal death metal with slam touches.
• These 10 songs (33min.) Shape the work: "Perpetual Nightmare" with cover by Tata Kumislizer.