Birdflesh- Extreme Graveyard Tornado CD on Everlasting Spew Rec.

$ 12.00

Sweden masters of thrashing GRINDCORE are finally back with the first album in over a decade! And it's crazier than ever! 
For fans of Macabre, Impetigo, Ghoul, Repulsion.

Drums recorded in Studio by the Lake, on April 2, 2018 by Jakob Lindahl. 
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded in Studio Wheelmust by Elis Edin Markskog. 
Mixed by Per Stålberg and Kalle Lilja at Welfare Sounds. 
Mastered by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studios. 
Artwork by Mattias Frisk -
Layout by Heresie Graphics. 
Photo by Gustav Sandstedt. 
Music & lyrics by Birdflesh, except "Botox Buttocks" lyrics by Fredrik Hammarberg & Linus Larsson and "Pub Night" by Dr Carlsson. 
Percussion, flute, accordion and saxophone by Jakob Lindahl. 
Synthesizers by Jakob Lindahl and Count Crocodelis. 
Guest vocals by Niklas Larson on Towards Insanity. 
Pig squeals by Martin ”Wilbur” Schönherr and Johan ”Babe” Bergström on Another Pig.