Blood Duster- Lyden Na DOUBLE CD on Obscene Prod.

$ 12.00

After spending the last few years playing in places as far away as the Czech republic, England, Japan and New Zealand as well as hangin' out backstage with the likes of METALLICA, THE DARKNESS, NAPALM DEATH, DANZING, SLAYER and many, many more, BLOOD DUSTER the corporate dynamo is back, bigger and more completely fuck off badder than ever!!! In late 2006 the band started recording what was to become a 3 CD set. Two discs to be sold in one package, with the third to be downloaded from the bands website via a access code on the purchased CD. The download comes with exclusive demos from the album and a special fan video only available via a password on the bands very popular "Hippie Kill Team" members site. FUCKING SICK!!