Cianide- Hell's Rebirth DIGI-CD on Deepsend Rec.

$ 11.00

Creating the heaviest Death Metal in existence has become this Chicago based death dealers trademark. Presented in a glorious 6-panel digipak, Cianide's fifth album, "Hell's Rebirth" became an instant classic upon its release in 2005. This reissue comes with 5 never-before-heard demo tracks from this recording session. Hearing the progression from demo-to-album is a treat for all bullet belt maniacs. Expect no frills and no bullshit. Only a continuation of the death, doom & destruction maniacs have come to expect over the last 20+ years! This is what true death is all about. CIANIDE KILLS!!!! Don't ever forget this. "Hell's Rebirth" has been Out of Print and is a true gem of pure underground DEATH METAL from a band that has never given up and still continues to crush 20 years after they were born. Bow down to the masters of down-tuned death/doom!