Crepitation- The Violence Of The Slams CD on Amputated Vein Rec.

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Bringing their own brand of gargantuan Slam Death Brutality, Crepitation have assembled 10 tracks of intense Death Metal with old school TXDM style slam and even some grindcore influences that will satisfy all fans of extreme music.  With their signature insane song titles such as "Patholigical Armoured Ferret Tank" and "Spunkated Rapised Enfuckment" and a lashing of samples to ensure hilarity throughtout.  "The Violence Of The Slams" is the record that all fans of the band have been waiting for!!  Featuring guest vocals by Pascal from Amagortis and Featuring members from across the UKDM scene, Crepitation have delivered some brutally Brutal Brutality.  For fans of Guttural Secrete, Prophecy TX, Katalepsy and Putrid Pile.  Comes in a slipcase.  GET THIS NOW!!!!