Dead (USA)- Hell's Morbid Disciples Of H*te DOUBLE CD

$ 13.00

FROM THE BOWELS OF HELL... THE ONE YOU'VE BEEN HATING FOR!! DEAD - HELL'S MORBID DISCIPLES OF HATE. They are back, the mighty DEAD from Tampa, Florida. Dead has been delivering old school death metal since 1985, even if they released a full album only in 2012. Full discography 43 tracks from early days to now that created unique DEAD style. If you're into old schoold metal of death like Slaughter, early Death, Goreaphobia or Incantation you will LOVE this. This double CD compilation features : "Gross abnormalities" 2012 album (remastered), "Musical abortions" 1986 demo, "Raw sewage" 1988 demo, "Dead" 1989 demo and three tracks recorded live in Tampa. Deluxe double CD with amazing artwork in the old school way. Limited 1000 copies only.