Drowning In Phemaldehyde- Blistering Corpse Abortion CD on Dans

$ 11.00

The 1st long awaited real CD of this Ultra Guttural, Ultra Slam Death Metal band from the USA! Featuring members of Guttural Engorgement, etc.. This Release Edition would include the ¨Blistering Corpse Abortion¨ and ¨The Slow Decay¨Albums, 3 Bonus Tracks from their Blistering Demo 2008 and the Blistering Corpse Abortion Video. Fucking sick, YOU MUST HAVE THIS!!!!! OUT NOW!!! Track list: ¨BLISTERING CORPSE ABORTION¨ 1- Intro 2- Drowning In Phemaldehyde 3- Two Eyes One Spoon 4- Blistering Corpse Abortion 5- Stabwound Orgasm 6- Worms Of Arakus 7- Brillbit Penetrations 8- Habitual Hacksaw Amputations 9- Basement Strangulation 10- Stench Of Dissection 11- Meathook Head Trama 12- Outro ¨THE SLOW DECAY¨ 13- Wretched Sacrament 14- Steak Knife Face Fuck 15- The Slow Decay Of Infected Flesh 16- Molested Dissection 17- Job For A Hammer 18- Cadaveric Maggot Copulation 19- Bile Defilement ¨BLISTERING DEMO 2008¨ 20- Blistering Corpse Abortion 21- Drowining In Phemaldehyde 22- Two Eyes One Spoon 23- Blistering Corpse Abortion Video