Fear Of The Deep Blue- Storm Break CD on Grindhead Rec.

$ 10.00

Grindhead Records has dregged the darkest depths of the ocean to bring you Fear Of The Deep Blue's debut album, "Stormbreak"! The Fear Of The Deep Blue sound bears a strong resemblance to waves crashing against rocks in a violent storm mixed with a healthy dose of groove and capped with eerie lonesome effects. It will chill you to the core and leave you stranded, sicking beneath the surface. Stormbreak will engulf you in its sludgy, dense atmosphere of filthy bottom end, heavy crunching riffs, bowel snapping picth-shifted vocals and leave you with an unsettling feeling akin to being recently revived. For fans of Catarsexual Urge Motivation, C.B.T, Libido Airbag & The Day Everything Became Nothing.