Maleficarum- Unblessed Vol. 1 CD on Despise The Sun Rec.

$ 11.00

Maleficarum embodies the spirit of Excidium, the first band of Danny Cinicolo that Despise The Sun has brought back to life with the two "Infecting The Graves" compilation 4 years ago. The first incarnation of this obscure and evil band was lead also by members of Angel Death and Iconoclast and in their 10 years of activity they published 2 demos and 2 full-lenght with the support of some underground labels. Despise The Sun Records will reprint all their works with two distinct volumes (the first one will be out very soon, the last one during next year). Oppressive, obscure and malevolent death metal. Vol. 1 features their "Unblessed" Demo 1993, and "Across the Heavens" Full Length 1995, with amazing cover art by Ironworx! Remastered by Hombrelobo Studios.