Menstrual Munchies- Japanese Girls Squirt On A Squid MCD on Brutal Gear

$ 9.00

We're pleased to announce the return of the BRUTAL GEAR DEMO SERIES and the arrival of Ohio pornogrind band Menstrual Munchies to the Brutal Gear family. The BGDS are runs of 100 sleeves that come with a hand numbered business card for collectors sake!!! DON'T SLEEP ON THIS!

Artist: Menstrual Munchies 
Album: Japanese Girls Squirt on a Squid 
Location: Ohio, USA 
Genre: Cyber Slam Grind 
Catalog: BGDS005 
Release Date: 
DIGITAL: August, 2015
PHYSICAL: January-February, 2016


1. MWPG4L 01:20
2. 69 Foot K-Hole Prostitute Beatdown 03:13
3. Chiefin' Hash Out Yo Daughter's Gash 01:57
4. Drowning Abortion by Swallowing Bukkake (ft. Jesse of Soaked in Semen) 03:15
5. Non-Consensual Incest Prior to Vaginal Evisceration 00:43
6. Japanese Girls Squirt on a Squid 02:51
7. Suckin' Cock to Get Dat Rock 00:14
8. Queefin' at Bitches Through a Severed Cock Wound Man Pussy (ft. Celeste of Vaginal Seepage) 02:53
9. Using LSD as Ass Lube 01:38
10. B.B. & R.P. (ft Eric of Bloody Obstetric Technology TxPxFx Pigtails cover) 00:57
11. Force Fed Fatty Fuckfest (ft. Tyler of Crucify the Whore) 03:38
12. Circle Jerking Into the Freshly Filleted Anal Cavity 01:50
13. B-Hole Blow Out (ft. Brendan of Butthole Blowhole/Brutal Gear) 02:50