Necrophobic- Spawned By Evil CD on Hammerheart Rec.

$ 11.00

After releasing the stunning debut “The Nocturnal Silence” that took the metal world by storm all eyes were upon Necrophobic. There was an uneasy silence, bridged with a single featuring a new track “Spawned by Evil”, completed with some cool cover songs of Slayer, Venom and Bathory... This expanded version of the original EP has two more covers (Autopsy and Iron Maiden, and the never before released Demo 1994, with two killer versions of “Black Moon Rising” and “The Call”. This demo is filthy and raw and should make any Necrophobic fan go crazy! David Parland (aka Blackmoon) was busy with Dark Funeral but returned albeit briefly, to contribute to the Necrophobic cause. Parland was not to stay with Necrophobic but musically speaking it was a nicely crafted piece of melodic and aggressive black-death that he contributed a lot too. Packed with trademark Necrophobic aggression it remains a mystery why this band appeared to fall off the radar after their critically acclaimed debut. Recommended if you like: Entombed, Slayer, Dark Funeral, Dissection, Grave, Dismember, Obituary, Amon Amarth, Unleashed, Watain