NO BULLSHIT- Vol. 1-4 Compilation CD on United Underground Rec.

$ 7.00

SPECIAL PRICED first release on United Underground records (a division of Sevared Records) is a compilation of the 1st 4 comp. 7" releases by the sick 80's styled hardcore label NO WAY RECORDS. All 4 of these sick comps had a 1000 copies pressed and are all sold out, and now they all appear on 1 sick CD comp. The amazing artist's featured on this crushing comp are: Career Suicide, Government Warning, Sturng Up, Direct Control, Rabies, Warkrime, Cardiac Arrest, Wasted Time, Life Trap, Citizens Patrol, Anit You, Born Bad, Bad Dirty Hate, Social Circle, Brain Handle, Socialcide, Double Negative, Out Cold, Acid Reflux, Chronic Seizure, Civic Progress, Logic Problem, Violent Arrest and Insomino, all exclusive tracks to this comp, 24 of the sickest 80's styled Hardcore bands out today from around the world, LIMITED TO ONLY 200 COPIES!!! GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!!