Nunslaughter- Open The Gates TRIPLE CD BOX SET on Area Death Prod.

$ 18.00

Comes with an OBI strip and full color booklet, with lyrics, notes about each release and interviews with the band.

Disc 1:
Tracks 1-4 from the Death Sentence demo
Tracks 5-8 from the Ritual of Darkness demo
Tracks 9-10 from the unmixed Ritual two track demo
Tracks 11-16 from the Rotting Christ demo
Tracks 17-19 are Rotting Christ raw tracks
Track 20 is an unreleased demo
Tracks 21-29 from the Impale the Soul of Christ on the Inverted Cross of Death demo
Tracks 30-31 are Impale the Soul unmixed tracks

Disc 2:
Track 1 is from Lucifer 91
Tracks 2-4 from Rehearsal October 10th, 1991
Track 5 is an unreleased demo from 1991
Track 6 is an unreleased demo from 1992
Tracks 7-11 are the Guts of Christ demo
Tracks 12-14 are a rehearsal demo from June 23, 1991
Tracks 15-21 from the Face of Evil demo
Tracks 22-29 from the Face of Evil rehearsal demo

Disc 3:
Tracks 1-11 are a rehearsal from January 1, 1997
Tracks 12-14 from the Evil Speaks demo
Track 15 is an unreleased alternate take
Tracks 16-31 are a rehearsal from May 4, 1999