Paganizer- Murder Death Kill CD on Xtreem Music

$ 12.00

Aaaarrrgh!! Isn’t there any true Death Metal worshipper that don’t miss the good times when Swedish Death ruled the earth?? Yeah, these times where early GRAVE, CARNAGE, NIHILIST, EDGE OF SANITY, GOD MACABRE and many others, showed an unparalleled capability of creating the heaviest and at the same time, catchy Death Metal... And who else would be better to resurrect that old spirit than another swedish band?? Yes, PAGANIZER are here, with their 4th opus to show us that it’s still possible to get back that feeling!! Recorded at the infamous Soundlab Studios with Mieszko Talarzcyk from NASUM and mastered by Dan Swäno, “Murder Death Kill” has all elements to become a true Death Metal classic!! Faster and heavier than the mentioned Gods, this will be, with no doubt, the best swedish Death Metal album since GRAVE’s “Into The Grave”!!!