Postcoital Ulceration- Continuation Of Defective Existence After Multiple Ruinous Collapses CD on Ghastly Music

$ 12.00

Debut full length from south Russia!  unrelenting Brutality!!  Flawless Production and effortless musicianship, belting out a crushing sound that is similar to caving your cranium in.  Overwhelming heaviness that will invoke new levels of rage.  Pushing and exceeding the boundaries of pathetic human understanding.   Postcoital ulceration pummel the unsuspecting listener with blistering, enigmatical uncharted levels of absolutely crushing brutality.  This disc turns steel into dust under the treads of this Russian masterpiece of elite slamming breakdown brutal death metal!  fro all fans of Guttural Secrete, Abominable Putridity, Skinless,