SEVARED RECORDS- Open Wounds Comp. 2008 CD

$ 8.00

After 4 years I thought it was time to unleash upon the world another label sampler CD with tracks from all the upcoming Brutality on Sevared Rec.!! This comp. features 22 tracks & over 70 minutes of the most Brutal Death Metal bands on the Planet!! A lot of unreleased tracks, that may or may not ever be heard again other than on this comp. The comp. features: Viral Load, Exaltation, Septycal Gorge, Putrefied, Artery Eruption, Inhuman Dissiliency, Vomitous, Antracks, Septicemia, Eviscerated, Down From The Wound, Sanatorium, Flesh Consumed, Being Killed, Sufferatory, Blaze Inside, Gortuary, Yogth Sothoth, Human Mastication, Hideous Deformity, Soaking In Entrails, and Cesspool Of Vermin!! This will be the most Brutal Death Metal compilation ever created!! And will be Strictly limited to 100 copies!! So get them while you can!!