Thanatologist / Entropic Degrade Behind Phylogeny- Split DIGI-CD

$ 10.00

in the works since over 5 years now finally out!! ...packed in a wonderful digipack + booklet, maybe the most nice-looking we've ever done! THANATOLOGIST: Italy's early '90s nr.1 answer to "Reek of putrefaction" seeing the light 15 years later, after a long trial with a "ghost-label" that stole the masters... nothing but the sickest pathological grind dealing with ostetrician monstrosities and fetal surgery. A band that could easily get a huge follow-up but found an unlucky fate and broke up! E.D.B.P.: post Thanatologist band featuring HANDFUL OF HATE's drummer (=speed!), most extreme raw Italian Grindcore in years, "From enslavement.." meets I.R.F., INSECT WARFARE and above all GORE BEYOND NECROPSY!