THE SICKENING- Sadistic Self Mutilation CD on Sevared Records PRE-ORDER!!!

$ 10.00

***THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM, IF ORDERED WITH OTHER ITEMS ALL THE ITEMS WILL SHIP AT THE SAME TIME ONCE THE CDS ARRIVE FROM THE PRESS***The Sickening is back with a vengeance. With a lineup change in 2016, The Sickening is ready to deliver crushing death metal from the Mid- West Coast of Norway once again. Get ready to join the disease that is The Sickening, get ready for an introduction to pure, uncensored, Norwegian brutality.  The CD contains three new songs that shows the direction The Sickening is taking in 2018. One re-recording of an old song, with new lyrics, completes the 4 track EP "Sadistic Self Mutilation".  To add to the fun, the demo "Soiled Rotten" from 2007 is added as a bonus, making this CD a testament to the fact that Norway has more than Black Metal to offer the world of brutal music.  SHIPS BY MID. DEC.