Throneum- Old Death's Lair DIGI-CD on Pagan Rec.

$ 11.00

Exclusive 15th year anniversary reissue of long out-of-print THRONEUM debut album! Expanded lay-out with photos and lyrics lacking in the first version and one bonus track, this is the definitive edition of this classic! Limited to 1000 copies on 8-panel DIGIPACK CD! The debut full-lenght release from the mighty THRONEUM, this morbid blackened slab of death metal terror was initially released in 2001. After lying dormant without an official pressing of the album in over ten years, Pagan Records now officially brings the album back to the masses on 8-panel digipack format. The reissue has many extras lacking in the first version, including many photos, lyrics, improved lay-out and a bonus track, so far released only on the vinyl version of the album. This re-release has not been re-mixed or remastered in any way to keep the original sound and atmosphere. This is mayhem without mercy from PolandÂ’s profound underground! THRONEUM adhere to a solid, time-tested sound and words like "progression", "overproduction" or "maturity" will never apply. This is the sound of the One True Death Metal such as Sarcofago, Order From Chaos, Necrovore, Nihilist, Sadistik Execution and other like-minded bands. Crushing brutality, chaos and relentless horror spewed forth from the abyss below!