Traumatomy- Chapters Of Grotesque Torments CD on Swallow Vomit Prod.

$ 11.00

Awesome CD of Brutal Guttural Slamming Death Metal from Thailand.  This features 10 tracks from promos, demos, splits etc..  All on 1 CD, A MUST!!

Track list:
1. Grown In The Mold Sores (Promo 2012)
2. Impregnated With Pus (Promo 2012)
3. Transformation Into A Putrid Mass (Transformation into a Putrid Mass EP 2013)
4. Generating Xenomorphic Mutations (Guttural Carnaval Split 2014)
5. Unconscious Self-Devouring (Guttural Carnaval Split 2014)
6. Spontaneous Internal Degradation (Four Formidable Forms Split 2014)
7. Conversion Of Purulent Ulcers (Promo 2014)
8. Intracranial Decomposition (Promo 2014)
9. Sculpture of Endless Torment (Realms of Endless Massacre Split 2015)
10. Atonement by Self-Dismemberment (Realms of Endless Massacre Split 2015)