Unfit Ass.- Absurd Reality / Flagging Water CD on Never Heard Di

$ 10.00

"Absurd Reality" is the best Hungarian Death Metal album of all time, there's no doubt about that! Mid-paced, angry old school Death Metal with a special atmosphere, together with maniacal riffing and technical solutions. Already in 1992 when it was first released it was way ahead of its time, this is also proven by the fact that it's remastered version still stands strong in today's scene. As a bonus the band's second demo from 1991 titled "Flagging Water" can also be found on the CD, which is also one of the best. Of course this later one was also remastered. Both materials are release on CD for the first time. 14 tracks in 55 minutes. 1.000 copies were pressed. Pro-pressed CD with four pages glossy cover including lyrics and two sided inlay card for jewel case.. A must have for all fans of old school Death Metal!