Unsu- The Filthy CD on Kaotoxin Rec.

$ 10.00

The brand new KAOTOXIN records release: "The Filthy", brand new CD by France's awesome modern Grindcore act UNSU. Featuring past and present members of DARKALL SLAVES, PURIFY and TREPAN'DEAD, UNSU are combining all the elements of the Northern Grindcore scene (Rotten Sound, Nasum...) mixing with a fresh approach of their own made of ultra brutal and fast as fuck parts, combined with intense and crushing, slower and doomy at times, catchy as fuck, ones where melodies hook you up at the very first listen, all of this topped with a relentless yet varied, vocal attack from their versatile growler / screamer. "The Filthy", which will be made available for preorder on February 6th, 2012, will be released on March 6th, yet, it's gonna be available as an exclusive advance release during their late February headling UK tour with Merciless Precision. The CD features five brand new studio tracks recorded during the same 2011 session as the ones featured on their debut split 7" EP with ATARA, along with twelve bonus live tracks recorded on December 2010's Lille WinterFest #1.