ABSURD UNIVERSE- Habeas Corpus CD on Punishment 18 Rec.

$ 10.00

ABSURD UNIVERSE, the new project featuring singer Adrie Kloosterwaard (Sinister, Supreme Pain, Infinited Hate), guitar players Bastiaan Brussaard (Supreme Pain, Fondle Corpse) and Dennis Hartog (Putrefied, LWS inc. Xhausted, Hammerhawk, Godmode), bass player Mathijs Brussaard (Fondle Corpse) and drummer Toep Duin (Putrefied, Consolation, Unlord, Godmode) has released their debut CD, containing the most Brutal Thrashing Death metal songs ever composed and played. “HABEAS CORPUS” is an extremely heavy record, the sound and performance are first class and, if you love Death Metal or Brutal Death / Thrash metal, it's definitely worth checking out. All worked out so well that ABSURD UNIVERSE came to be the new SINISTER Line-up afterwards. INCREDIBLE ALBUM, GET THIS NOW!!!!!!

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