ABNORMALITY- Contaminating The Hive Mind CD on Sevared Records

$ 10.00

MORE COPIES FOUND!!!  Abnormality’s long anticipated debut full length release “Contaminating The Hive Mind” shows the next step in the evolution of the band’s songwriting, taking the lyrics, concepts, and musical progression to a darker and more complex place. Abnormality have pushed their own boundaries of extremity and songwriting, lacing moments of frenetic and pummeling intensity with groove laden hooks and intricately weaved harmonies. Contaminating the Hive Mind is as musically amorphous as the concepts it employs, and the result is a twisting, intense and engaging record. Each track is at home just as much with its cold machine-like relentlessness as it is with its organic fury and rage, and the war waged between the two makes for a record that won’t disappoint fans of the extreme. Amazing Guttural Female vocals!! Featuring backing vocals from Matti Way (Abominable Putridity, Disgorge, Pathology, etc..) GET THIS MASTERPIECE!!

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