Hellisheaven (Suffering Mind)- Dyskografia CD on Self Made God

$ 12.00

Complete discography of HELLISHEAVEN with nearly 70 minutes of heavy and crushing death metal / crustpunk. CD includes the sole album "Abyss Of War", all the splits as well as "Napalm Proboszcz" demo. The discography is a summary of the band's work. The cover artwork was created by Rafał "Wechter" Wechterowicz / Too Many Skulls. All tracks except the ones from "Abyss Of War" were remastered in Poznań's Studio Riot by Jędras. Comes out as a stylish jewelcase with a 12-page booklet with pictures of the band, lyrics in Polish and English and the cover artworks of previous releases of Hellisheaven. From the very beginning their main inspirations were old school death metal, stench/crustcore, as well as classic bands of metal punk, doom metal & grindcore genre. Recommended if you like BOLT THROWER, STORMCROW, MALEVOLENT CREATION, SANCTUM, HELLSHOCK, FILTH OF MANKIND, AXEGRINDER...

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