NEW RELEASE PACKAGE DEAL- Encephalic, Urosepsis & Putrefying Cadaverment

$ 25.00

You Get all 3 for 1 low price!!

ENCEPHALIC- "Brutality and Depravity is a concept album, dealing with serial killers, their lives, their atrocities, their dementia, their illness, rapes, mutilations, cannibalism, possessions, torture, sadism and depravity united in a sick and twisted album, pure Brutal Death Metal from the south coast of Spain"

UROSEPSIS- "The debut full-length album from Urosepsis, MALICIOUS MALPRACTICE, features 11 new songs of brutal, no-frills death metal for fans of Gorgasm, Deeds of Flesh, Defeated Sanity, and Disavowed. This album features Shane Elwell (Flesh Consumed, VBT, Noisy Neighbors) and Lyle Cooper (Ex-The Faceless, Abhorrent), and was mixed and mastered by Mike Garrison at Winter Skies Productions (Phobia, Noisear)."

PUTREFYING CADAVERMENT- Indiscriminate Butchery "Reformed in 2017 and originally formed in 2007. Putrefying Cadaverment from North Carolina, USA is back from the dead featuring members of Morgue Walker and Purulent Necrosis. Joining forces with Sevared Records for the release of "Indiscriminate Butchery" 11 tracks of 90s brutal death worship. For fans of Disgorge (US), Broken Hope, old Suffocation and Brodequin

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