Paroxysmal- Force Feeder CD on CDN Rec.

$ 11.00

Technical brutal death metal that flows from beauty to downright butchering, with smashingly tight-ended riffs.  “Force Feeder is the culmination of a lot of effort and work which went into the writing and production of this album. It’s our 4th studio release and is most closely related to our 3rd effort, ‘Amygdala,’ stylistically. There are seven tracks, and the album runs for over 40 minutes; it’s Brutal Death Metal, it’s Black Death, it’s Progressive, at times Tech, there are some slowed down Slam riffs, dissonant riffs – we do our best to pack a lot into every track. This album, in short, is everything you like about us, if you like us.”  Formerly Paroxysmal Butchering.

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