Putrefied Feast-Contra Vim Mortis Non Crescit Salvia in Hortis CD on CDN Rec.

$ 11.00

Presenting Bob Shaw’s Putrefied Feast,What more can be said about what Bob brought to the table? Always downright filthy and sick. Teaming with Matt Demille (Pukelust, Misericorde), Bob brings us what will now be known as his final project. Featuring contributions from the CDN Records family and beyond.

Angel Ochoa (Cephalotripsy / Disgorge / To Violently Vomit / Abominable Putridity)
Dustin Patkai (Viledriver)
Joey Goremonger (Goremonger)
Michael Bain (Blastomycosis)
Jordan Elgersman (A Tyrants Lament)
Zack Shaw (Nihilistic Mixes)
Rick John Ring (Gape)
Matt Hilden (Vesication / Creme Flesh)
Clayton Meade (Condemned)
German Toledo (Ascoculto / Left Path)
Geoff Hodsman (Human Compost / Vesication / Gravitational Distortion / Divide+Conquer)

Kyle Lam (Mendacity / Existential Dissipation)
Chris Sabbath (Human Compost / Divide+Conquer)
Tristan Biggar (Blastomycosis / Mortalfall)

Guitar Solos:
Chris Sokoloski (Viledriver)
Sophokoles Theodoru (Burdizzo / Creme Flesh)
Al Wolf

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