Redemptor- The Becoming (2006-2011) CD (SLIPCASE) on Self Made God

$ 12.00

"The Becoming [2005-2011]" includes first album "None Pointless Balance" (2005), "Nanosynthesis" demo (2009) and "4th Density" EP (2011). 17 songs in 77 minutes. The material presents 3 different takes on technical death metal. From Schuldiner's legacy to fusion death metal, in progressive, more unique style - these three approaches portray technical evolution of the band, and their fierce endeavor to find its own path, towered in between of a few extreme music genres. Artwork by the band's singer Xaay (BEHEMOTH, NECROPHAGIST, NILE, ABYSMAL TORTMENT).

Polish technical death metal influenced by GORGUTS, DEATH, MONSTROSITY, CYNIC, SADUS.

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