Secreted- Intoxicated Primitive Anthropophagus CD on CDN Rec.

$ 11.00

Secreted is a two-man, cross-Atlantic slamming brutal death metal band. Ignorant riffs, crushing slams, toilet vocals and snorts.

Their CDN debut, Intoxicated Primitive Anthropophagus, is a tight affair featuring a number of guest vocals.

Track List

  1. Shots Fired
  2. Active Shooter (Ft. Ryan of Vengeful 187)
  3. Intoxicated Primitive Anthropophagus (Ft. Clayton of Implements of Hell)
  4. Breakfast at Spliffany’s (Ft. Connor of Debridement)
  5. Sweet Home Slamabama
  6. Buckshot Lobotomy (Ft. Longangsta of Gangrenous Flesh Consumption)
  7. Puff puff blast
  8. Double Barrel Drive-By (Ft. Goremaster General)
  9. Caveman Chronic
  10. Tetrahydrocannibal (Ft. Marvin and Remo of Pusboil)
  11. Sledgehammer Dentistry (Ft. Jack of Septic Congestion)

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