Seventh Circle- Cycle Of Violence CD on Caligari Rec.

$ 10.00

Hailing from California, the two-piece Seventh Circle wield a sound far heavier and more massive than their lineup suggests. The band's debut recording, Cycle of Violence contains three songs in 13 minutes that simply crush, kill, and crush again. Shuddering and skronky, their sound is literally slovenly weight that moves with an ominousness that's horrific to behold - and at times, in the slowest of motion, like the flapping of loose bass strings bound to be one's death. As such, Seventh Circle's atonal-yet-not-really thunder recalls the basement depths of 1990, like equally early Godflesh and Helmet plotting unspeakable travesties in a sewer or Winter's plucky, punky younger brother who simply can't stay out of mischief. Scarier still, Cycle of Violence is but the start of Seventh Circle's madness!

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