ARACHNOID MEMBRANE (Krotchripper / Mouthing The Offal)- The Essential Dissection EP on Sevared Rec.

$ 9.00

Excellent Brutal Death Grind from the USA, featuring members of Krotchripper & Mouthing The Offal!!  You don't have to be a brian surgeon to know this shit is good enough to spend the few bucks you make flipping burgers on a couple minutes of chaotic Brutal Death Grind that only someone with your levels of autism could keep up with. No wonder Barrett is releasing this shit, it's obvious that you don't want to know how much sex we have, with chicks, buy this CD, and you too will also have sex a lot. And be cool. We bathed in pussy juice regularly and when you put this on fur her you can bathe in pussy juice too. ever had a chick suck your dick from behind while you shit on her chest? this sounds like what that feels like.

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