RESURRECTED IN FESTERING SLIME - Sinister Death Metal Comp. 12"

$ 18.00

Amazing Comp. LPOn Heavy fucking vinyl up thy ass! Double sided A2 poster. TRACK LIST: 1 Bombs of hades: Carnivores 2 Eviscerated: The chalice 3 Darkcreed: Shattered entrails 4 Rape Pillage & Burn: 1911 5 Feral: Altar of Necromancy 6 Maim: Envy the dead 7 Graveless: In articulo mortis 8 Crucifyre: The fetching 9 Unspoken: Cold, bleak and dead 10 Mr. Death: Jesus christ fuck 11 Stench: Stench of death 12 Chronic Torment: Certain death 13 Morbus Chron: The putrid smell of hell 14 Bonesaw: Revolution through wargasm

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