Senobyte- S/T 7" EP VINYL

$ 8.00

Something beyond the disturbing and the disconcerting is what Senobyte has brought to our attention, via their chilling and discouraging Doom. Pretty much a serious accomplishment, considering the fact that the band's only recording so far, consists of just two sticky tunes. A simple listen has motivated us and has been reason enough for Me Saco Un Ojo, to offer this New Brunswick, NJ's trio, pressing both tracks as a 7" EP, marking their debut on vinyl as their first official release ever. This not exactly another ordinary slab of heaviness and lunacy: it actually reminds to the grotesqueness of Disembowelment on their worst moment, meeting the most unreal induced trips of early Esoteric, with a worrisome sensibility for the occult and mythical buried by time and dust, both lyric and music wise. Darker days ahead, await us all.

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