Astarot- Consume Your Guts CD on Coyote / Rotten Music

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Slamming brutal death
The band was founded in 2012, in the area of Leszno on the initiative of Vic playing the drums, Lauri dealing with a guitar and Pawulon playing the bass.the band initially fluctuated in the genre of old school death metal. A little after the founding  the band joined Banan who took to the first vocal issues. After playing the first concert the band left Banan and was replaced by Pawulon. From that moment we decided to play SLAM BRUTAL DEATH METAL with the influence of grindcore. What we are doing to these day. After playing several gigs we decided to record a demo with 3 songs. After the release of our demo it's time for a album. The mini album is called "Consume your guts" from the title of one of the tracks located on the Demo.
For Fans Epicardiectomy,Vulvectomy , Cephalotripsy and Kraanium