Barbatos- Street Metal Gid In Ikebukuro! CD on Area Death

$ 10.00

BARBATOS played their special show with triple guitar players at Manhole, Ikebukuro, Tokyo in 11th October 2009. This show was played by never-before seen line up: Jero(GORGON) on Bass Guitars, Masayasu(GATES) on Guitars, Nobutaka(ASBESTOS) on Guitars, Jacky Crust War(FRAMTID) on Guitars, Youhei(ABIGAIL) on Drums, Yasuyuki on vocsls. It was planned as a Punk gig and BARBATOS were the only metal band there. There was an almost entirely Punk audience in the venue, but the live show was total chaos and simply perfect! Punk kids together with Metal kids.You cannot see a live mix like this often. Punk Vs. Metal - Live in Your Face - Noise and Chaos! A must have for the true metal and punk audiophiles!