Beyond Terror Beyound Grace- Extinction / Salvation CD on Grindh

$ 8.00

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace have carved out their own distinct brand of sonic terror on their first full length album, Salvation | Extinction. Salvation | Extinction will engulf your senses with nineteen tracks of inhumanly dense and intense grindcore. The group fuse the grind stylings of old with a crushing hybrid of modern grind, crust and punk with a smattering of death metal. Taking the best parts of Napalm Death's raw, intense and wholly uncompromising political punk-influenced aural assault, Beyond Terror have reinvigorated the grindcore blueprint by incorporating elements of modern extreme groups such as Rotten Sound, Discordance Axis and Circle of Dead Children. The end product is a skull-crushingly intense piece of Australian grindcore that has sealed Beyond Terror Beyond Grace's place amongst the nations top tier of extreme music - joining the likes of The Kill, Captain Cleanoff, Agents of Abhorrence and Fuck I'm Dead. This is an outstandingly powerful and intelligent release from one of the hardest working bands in the Australian music scene - and an absolute essential for any grindhead.