Bitchsectomy / Royal Infanticide- Split CD on Amputated Vein Rec.

$ 12.00

BITCHSECTOMY is a 2 piece Low Tuned Neanderthal Death band hailing from USA/Belgium. Our music is reminiscent to bands like 09' era Devourment while also establishing our own sound with modern day brutality. Our musical content defers from each album we release by speaking on grotesque topics like cannibalism, necrophilia, misogyny & more. We aim to stay as gore oriented as possible by drowning you out with deep gutturals and chainsaw ripping instrumentals.

Royal Infanticide is a solo project by Roy Feyen, hailing from Belgium. It's style is a mixture of heavy genres, topped off with a layer of deep guttural vocals. The variety in the instrumentals keep things interesting from start to finish. Get ready to get into the groove!