Burial- The Aeons Of Horror CD on Despise The Sun Rec.

$ 12.00

Burial are an Old School Death/Doom Metal band formed by the cosmic conjunction of Leonardo B. (Vexovoid, Coexistence) and Enrico F. (Carrion Shreds, NecroCommand, Warhatred). Their sound, heavily influenced by the Swedish and Finnish Death Metal school, presents a heavy but clear HM-2 buzzsaw, deep vocals, gloomy atmosphere and horror/grotesque themed lyrics.

The band is now releasing, thanks to Despise The Sun Records, a full compilation of their past productions (some of which in a new rendition) plus a previously unreleased track from "The Forgotten" Ep. This tentacular madness will entangle your mind in a chaotic motion, casting it in a surreal dimension where inconceivable beings resides.. Cover art by: Samuele Scalise.