CARRIONED- Echoes Of Abomination CD on P.E.R.

$ 10.00

[ Echoes Of Abomination ] is the culmination of years of hard work, with this release we are more than sure that will get the finally recognition that they deserve. This CD is composed by five new tracks where you can see the actual sound of the band, this true Brutal Death Metal doomed and dark as fuck in the vein of bands like Dissect, Funebrarum or Rottrevore. Sound and production is fucking amazing and blasting!! The rest of the tracks are from their Demo 2004 [ Hymns For The Deteriorotting ] and their Promo 2003 remastered with a better sound as a bonus tracks. Cover has been made by the master Monmon Art. This CD is a true MUST for all this maniacs of the Death Metal more brutal, dark and doomed!!!! Be on the lookout for this sickness!!!!