Cerebric Turmoil- Neural Net Meltdown CD on Amputated Vein Rec.

$ 13.00

The Technical Brutal Death Metal lunatics Cerebric Turmoil from Germany, finally unveil their long anticipated debut full length.  Delivering a twisted mixture of styles Neural net meltdown pushes extreme musit to a different level of insanity.  Session appearances by Chris Reese (Horse Bastard, Introectal Gestation, Excutive Distraction Tasks, Peth, etc.) on vocals and Jacob Schmidt (Defeated Sanity) on Bass, as well as guests from bands like Obscura, In Demise and Orphan Playground Sniper are aded up to the madness, Mixed by Jacob Schmidt (Defeated Sanity, Disentomb, etc..) mastered by Peter Pluto Nelber (Severe Torture, Noisear, Cenotaph (TURK), Phobia,. Prostitute Disfigurement, Lividity, Cyotoxin etc..)  and Artwork by Phlegeton (Wormed).  A package of maximum sickness from fans of Virulence, Cryptopsy, Psyopus, Goratory and Cephalic Carnage becomes real!